Rubbermaid Coupon $1.50/1 & $1/1 !

I am a rubbermaid container junkie…I have one of those avalanche style cupboards where you open it and they all come tumbling out…BUT I have been getting better and that is because of the rubbermaid containers with the stackable lids that ACTUALLY stack….

So I am SUPER excited about this $1.50/1 Coupon for Rubbermaid Glass with Easy Find Lids. I like the glass ones too for a couple of reasons…after a few uses I feel like I just cannot get the plastic ones CLEAN anymore and also I can reheat in these without worry!

There is also another coupon there for $1/1 Rubbermaid Easy Find Lids, Premier, Lock-Its or Produce Saver. Their produce saves ones (the green ones with the little rack inside) WORK! I use them for strawberries alot and I rinse the strawberries, put them in the container and they seem to last longer!


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