New Sign Ups can get 2 year Subscription to Parents Magazine for FREE!

Remember with ALL Plum District Deals if you buy a deal and then refer your friends and THREE buy the same deal you will get it for Free! Check out the Give and Get explanation under the time clock of any deal! If you are a new member you will get a $5 Credit to use on your first purchase!
Even better at the moment PlumDistrict will double the new sign up credit to $10 for the first 10,000 new members to sign up!
2 Year Subscription to Parents Magazine for $8 and that is not including any of the new sign up credits! If you are quick enough and get the $10 sign up credit this could be FREE otherwise if you get the $5 credit it will only be $3 ! I already have a subsrciption to this magazine and I really like it. There are always coupons and discounts inside as well as interresting articles and infromation about your little ones!
You can enter the code “plumlove” at checkout at get another 20% off your purchase!
If you have probelms trying to find this deal (you shouldn’t they usually just pop up)
Make sure your area is set to EVERYWHERE (left hand side box in the middle of the page)
Also make sure you are on there HOME page by clicking the plum flower in the top left corner.
Do those two things and then you can scroll through all the deals avaliable nationwide

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